Vol.37 "SummerVibes" start
August 07.2020

It’s unbelievable, after 3 days on-air, we’re back at number 1 on the global charts!

Thank you for staying loyal to us and for supporting us again and again, you just have a very good taste in music and this is what makes our show so successful! Thanks to all listeners who can receive us around the globe, to all who support us and of course to all artists without whom our show would not exist! You are the best! The rotation of our show has started, there are still many opportunities to hear it for those who have not been able to hear it before! And don’t forget, the 2-hour version is only broadcast on the known radio stations! We will keep announcing the broadcast times here! Have fun with 2 hours of Mac’s SoulCafe Vol.37 – 08-2020 “Summer Vibes!” Commercial-free, for your ears only!!

Mac’s SoulCafe Vol.37 08.2020
1 and 2 Hours nonstop in the mix!
(Attention, the 2hour special is broadcasting on the radio stations below only!)
Commercial free!
Fantastic summertunes from around the globe by:
Cornell C.C. Carter
The B.B. & Q. Band
PrivatProjekt feat. Stefanie S.
Nigel Lowis
Paulinho Da Costa
Philip Bailey
David Ruffin
The Weather Girls – new release!
Mario Biondi – new release!
Leroy Allen – new release!
Randy Hall – new release!
The_Terri Green_Project and the AllStars
(Cornell CC Carter, Randy_Hall, Marc_Staggers, Michelle_Lawson,
The_Weather_Girls, David A.Tobin, Rob_Hardt, Miracle_Thomas)
Bobby Womack
David A. Tobin and Rob Hardt
Broadcasting on
whtlurbanradio.com Cleveland, Ohio, USA
preciousradio.com Los Angeles, California, USA
lovesoulradiolondon.com London, UK
We promote your record around the globe, send it to promo@macsoulcafe.com
and many many more…
Brandnew Releases, don’t miss it!
Mac’s SoulCafe is broadcasting on
whtlurbanradio.com, 95.2 FM THA LAND, Cleveland Ohio USA
preciousradio.com, Los Angeles, California USA
We stream 24/7, commercial-free,
reaching 177 countries around the globe!
We promote your record, send it to promo@macsoulcafe.com

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