Hello folks, what can I say, we are back at number 1 in the global charts!
Thanks to our listeners from all over the world, our friends, and everyone else who supports us!
Thanks to all the musicians for your fantastic recordings, without you there wouldn’t be
Mac’s SoulCafe, The Finest in Soul, and R&B!
Thank you all around the world!
I’m already looking forward to the upcoming volume 37. Until then, volume 36 “SUMMER IS HERE!” will continue to be played by the radio stations mentioned! Do not miss it!
Broadcasting on
whtlurbanradio.com Cleveland, Ohio, USA
preciousradio.com Los Angeles, California, USA
A new episode of Mac’s SoulCafe, Volume 36,
“SUMMER IS HERE!” 07.2020 is on the way!
The rotation starts July10.2020
Fantastic tunes on the playlist by
Gare du Nord
Walter Simón
Reel People – Navasha Daya
Dorrey Lyles – Rob Hardt -NEW RELEASE!
Crown Heights Affair
Michael Jackson
Leroy Allen -NEW RELEASE!
The Temptations – Kmell
Tortured Soul
Shaila Prospere
Michelle Lawson
Lou Draws
Case feat.Teddy Riley-Tank
Phillip Leo
 and many more…
Streaming 24/7, commercial-free,
reaching 177 countries around the globe!
Don`t miss it!
We promote your record, send it to promo@macsoulcafe.com

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Mac`s-SoulCafe, The finest in Soul and RnB Broadcasting on macsoulcafe.com Mixcloud.com - making radio better! preciousradio.com Los Angeles, California, USA lovesoulradiolondon.com London, UK whtlurbanradio.com Cleveland, Ohio, USA Always 60 minutes and 2-hour specials of the finest in Soul and RnB, from the '80s, 90´s to 2019 and new records of your favorite artists.

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